Online retreat - the group inquiry

The non-dual reminder of your inherent happiness


Group dialogue facilitators

Katrijn and Youri will be facilitating an online group dialogue on ‘non-duality.’ The weekly sessions are meant to support you in recalling your essential nature, which is already free and perfect. Both facilitators are authors of non-dual books such as ‘Selfless Leadership’, ‘Beyond Illusion’, and ‘Enlightenment without Bells and Whistles’.

During the sessions, we’ll focus on fundamental topics around the ultimate question: ‘Who am I?’. The dialogue itself constitutes valuable self-inquiry and contributes to rediscovering the wholeness and unity of your true essence. Of course, this requires a certain level of presence and receptiveness from each participant. To ensure that, we have a simple selection procedure.

What don't we do?

What do we do?

The group inquiry in a nutshell

What sets this group dialogue apart is its focus on internal self-inquiry rather than the external study of the mind. This powerful approach renders the accumulation of psychological, philosophical, or spiritual knowledge entirely unnecessary. Emphasis is placed on creating a safe environment where mutual trust takes precedence. The sessions feel like engaging in a down-to-earth, simple, and relaxed conversation with friends.

Practical information

Why should I participate?

Self-inquiry can be of tremendous value, but how do you know if you do it correctly? That’s where the immense power of the group comes in. You’ll learn from the questions of others, gain group support and unlearn together.

By strengthening your self-inquiry practice through the group, you can automatically tap into your inner resources with ease. That’s the beauty of doing your inner work. It makes you independent while still staying strongly connected.

One can easily get lost in their daily routines and endless streams of thought. It’s all about keep getting back to and reconnecting with your true nature. The weekly sessions will keep reminding you and prevent you from falling back.


We won’t engage in debates. We won’t analyze situations. We won’t even exchange experiences. So, what will we do? We will engage in dialogue with each other. The aim is not to be heard or seen, but to open ourselves up to connect and unite together. To achieve this, we will repeatedly explore meaningful questions that shed light on who we are at our core.

Who says that self-inquiry cannot be done collectively? We believe that engaging in dialogue together strengthens your self-inquiry.

As a participant, the potential arises during the sessions to perceive a connected state of being. If you surrender to this, it feels like having a conversation with yourself, considering that you are the other, and the other is you. This is the non-dual reality.

In essence, the dialogue is not merely a conversation between individuals but a connected and meditative gathering in truth.

Katrijn van Oudheusden and Youri Hermes will be facilitating the sessions. They focus on normalizing non-duality without undermining its unknown and dynamic nature. They achieve this through coaching, writing, and organizing events centered around non-duality.

Feel free to reach out to Katrijn or Youri (via LinkedIn or this page) to learn more about the retreat or to sign up.

Naturally, it’s understood that the more interventions there are, the more controlled the environment becomes. The facilitators primarily focus on ensuring that the sessions are minimally influenced by the mind. In doing so, they provide the group with meaningful questions to explore together. They draw inspiration from their books for this purpose.

The maximum group size is 10 people. Experience has taught us that it’s easier to create a safe environment in a smaller group. Additionally, this number allows for the opportunity for each participant to be adequately involved during the sessions.

Only an open mind, that’s all. There’s no need to possess the facilitators’ books, and there’s also no requirement for knowledge about non-duality. It’s sufficient when the question ‘Who am I?’ stirs something within you.

Ready for a meaningful "deep dive" into your inherent freedom & completeness?