Can Problems be Solved for Good? Decoding the Psychology of Problem-Solving

We humans tend to seek solutions to our problems. We’re so used to and blinded by this, that we rarely question the search itself. What is searching? Let’s dive into this questioning and see what we can (un)learn from it.

Problems can be found everywhere. But what is a problem? Is it a certain struggle, a personal challenge, an inner conflict? On the surface, it’s very clear to you what it is. But if you look beyond the surface, what remains?

A problem could be defined as something that either could or should be solved. This perception may maintain the problem. Therefore, the idea of a potential solution is the actual problem rather than the problem itself.

A problem can also be viewed as a desired state that feels absent at the moment. You have a certain image in your head about how life should be different from how it unfolds at the moment. Ideally, life changes (back) to your favour.

It could completely make sense to you that all problems are fundamentally illusory. You may see that all problems are personal. How else can it be a problem? Since you’re not personal, there cannot be a problem. There is just ‘the’ problem. When there’s only the problem, there is no room for experiencing it as such. Whether this makes sense to you or not, the problem is still being experienced. What do to about this?

Who are you to do something about it? Please take some time to stay at this question: who are you to do something about the problem?

Is there an overarching problem? Is there a true cause of all of your problems? If so, what exactly is this? Is this the so-called ego, or is this something you’ve been telling yourself because it’s a trustworthy idea?

Are you willing to genuinely uncover the real problem, or are you fine with occasional problems, as long as they don’t become overwhelming?

Would you view problems as an inherent part of life, or do you believe you can somehow free yourself from this unnecessary side of life? Is enlightenment a hoax or is it something that can be actually accomplished? Does spiritual awakening automatically mean that you get rid of your problems? Please ask yourself, who gets rid from problems? Who can solve those?

Is it even needed to ask those questions? Isn’t this just a distraction from the solution that is already omnipresent? If such thing as a solution exist, could this be found in the questioning? If that’s the case, do you need to fully immerse yourself into this process? The moment this idea becomes a condition that requires effort, a new problem may instantly arise.