Embracing Wholeness: A Journey into the Art of Unlearning

What do we typically do to become good at something? Right, we try to become better at making distinctions. An expert in a certain area can make lots of divisions. It’s the master of separating things in a often very specific area. This is the key differentiator between a novice and an expert. But how in earth does it work if you want to learn about non-duality? Doesn’t that work like the exact opposite? Or can you just as well learn about your true nature? Let’s go through it.

First of all, what is non-duality? I guess you could put it as the exact opposite of separation. Instead of debunking something and breaking it into endless parts, you move from the broken to the whole. That’s what the process of unlearning is all about. Fortunately, there’s no need to achieve physical, material, mental, or emotional perfection beforehand. You can embody wholeness either way. Being perfection itself might not leave room for the experience of it.

Wouldn’t you agree that in even a tiny part of reality, such as a simple stream of thought or a plant, the whole can already be found? That must be the whole purpose behind those concentration-meditations, in which your attention on a negligible fragment eventually swallows everything. The fragmented worldview suddenly becomes non-existent. That’s such a relief. Apparently, all problems have been one big deception from the beginning.

It’s human to try to become better at something, or more informed at the very least. Non-duality simply cannot fulfil this basic human needs of striving, improving and excelling. As a result, the domain is often dismissed as fuzzy, impractical, and useless. For the mind that may definitely be the case. But thank god you’re so much more than your mind.

If non-duality somehow speaks to you, you know it’s time to go beyond your human needs. Most people aren’t ready for this; they don’t feel inclined to truly see just yet. That’s all fine of course. Those people aren’t living any further from the truth. On the contrary, truth plays directly with itself. There isn’t some sort of necessity to move more closely to the so-called truth of awareness. If there were, it would likely be different.