Unveiling the Illusion of Choices: A Journey Beyond the Mind’s Deception

In a time in which so many things have been written, why should somebody called Youri add to this information chaos? Is it because he is going to give his content a unique twist? Well, isn’t every writer trying to do that? There is really just one answer to the question. The answer is exactly the same for all of your confusions and doubts.

Do we need to extend the introduction? I don’t think so. Can we just jump right into it? At least we can try. So, what is the answer? What is the answer to what you should be doing and what you should let go of? Please give yourself a couple of minutes. Go through this question yourself for a moment. You’ll find that your mind will come up with all kinds of answers. It will try to deepen the answers you’ve come up with and will most certainly come up with conclusions. That’s the nature of the mind. Let’s not judge that. Just see it for what it is.

This is the moment to give yourself a few minutes and contemplate on the question: what should I be doing and why just that?

You don’t need this article to come up with the answer at all. You don’t need to make your answer more complete. Or to get a certain feeling of insight. I’m not writing because I know the answer and some readers supposedly don’t. That would be really stupid and shortsighted. I’m writing because I’m writing. You’re reading because you’re reading. We’re living because we’re living.

Yeah, I know … It may not be the most satisfying answer. Heck, it may not even be an answer. After all, an answer implies you know it. But can we actually really know? Why can’t a question stay a question. Questions versus answers, searching versus finding: it’s all dual. When something is dual, you know one thing for a fact: it’s the mind we’re dealing with. The mind is programmed to seek and find, don’t you think? Nevertheless, it may be interesting to continue the mental search. You may want to let the search just be, regardless of whether your mind can live with this or tries to claim it.

The mind typically believes it makes choices. But make no mistake, it can greatly deceive you on your spiritual path. When a ‘free will’ is being challenged repeatedly, your mind will most probably switch parties. What do I mean by that? It suddenly claims that you don’t make choices yourself, because how can you? Everything just happens, that’s it. In the meantime, your mind is just as claiming as before. It just took on a different form so you wouldn’t recognise it any longer.

The mind is always there. When you think you’ve somehow elevated it or played it out, the mind basically deceives itself. You can very easily get lost in the mind. It can take form in endless possibilities. But who is getting lost? Right, that must be your mind again! You cannot be lost. Only the idea of who you are can be lost, right?

It’s to me the most beautiful and direct form of art once you see the sneaky mechanism of the mind. If you think you don’t see it yet, it can, however, have an agonising effect on you. Most of us on the so-called spiritual path have been there. At some point, it’s time to become completely free of the agony and despair. You clearly see that suffering of any kind wasn’t specifically assigned to you. It can never be personal because you’re not personal. You don’t need time for this because this is yet another trick of the mind. In fact, you don’t need anything. No spiritual experiences, no great insights, nor anything else you could think of. It’s here already. It has always been here. Are you ready to grasp it?